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Residential Care

Residential Care

Creative Alternatives operates 14 Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) homes  in Stanislaus and Merced Counties.

Our STRTP home environment is designed to prepare emotionally fragile youth for the transition from STRTP living to reunification with their natural family, foster care, or in some cases, emancipation. In a nurturing environment, our children are taught independent living skills which range from basic daily functioning tasks to money management and job training. Youth are empowered, on an individualized basis, by learning appropriate communication and socialization skills, problem solving techniques and goal setting. Recreational therapy fosters self-esteem and teaches effective coping strategies which offer the children alternatives to self-destructive behavior.

Youth are encouraged to embrace their challenges and develop an attitude for success. An emphasis is placed on developing trust, responsibility for themselves and others and the ability to make choices. Role modeling helps our children develop healthy relationships with authority, peers and eventually their family and community.

Our STRTP homes are designed to provide a safe, secure and home-like environment for children with special needs. These children need close supervision to protect them from endangering themselves and others.
Our high staff-to-client ratio enables the children to thrive and learn appropriate behavior in dealing with their frustrations. In an accepting, therapeutic manner, we try to rebuild their broken spirits so that one day they will lead responsible, productive and happy lives.

Find out more information about Creative Alternatives’ Program Philosophy.

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