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Grace Bishop School

2025 E Santa Fe Ave, Merced CA 95348
(209) 724-0323 Fax (209) 724-9827

Grace Bishop School (GBS) was established in 2000 to meet the needs of children who required a special education setting. GBS is a private, nonpublic school for children with special needs that include emotional disturbance (ED), a learning disability (LD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and other health impairments (OHI).

GBS serves students in grades K – 12 who due to various maladaptive behaviors, cannot attend public school. The program is designed to enable students to obtain a quality education and the necessary skill sets for re-entry into a public school setting.

Each classroom accommodates up to 12 students who are instructed by a credentialed special education teacher and two teaching assistants. Lessons are derived from California State Standards and then individually modified to help students prepare for transition to public school. In addition to obtaining a solid academic background, students have access to psychological counseling, speech and language therapy, behavioral support management, and other specialized services through GBS.

Grace Bishop School teachers focus on academic content and behavior support as it relates to the student's IEP. The special education needs of the students at GBS are met by using specific teaching strategies that have been proven to be effective in changing student outcomes in a positive manner.

GBS currently serves students who reside in Merced, Fresno, Madera, and Mariposa Counties to name a few. Joseph Novack Academy is a specialized non public school that provides highly structured and small classroom sizes along with educational and therapeutic programs that includes a behavior management component. The school primarily services students with mild to moderate and moderate to severe social/emotional disturbances.

GBS also provides a Transition Program that includes vocational education and group activities such as career planning. During Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings, the team reviews the appropriateness of the student's placement in accordance with the (FAPE) Free and Appropriate Public Education mandate. This includes academic, social/emotional and behavioral issues. The IEP team considers and documents such issues as peer and adult relationships, academic abilities with respect to performance, and student's behavioral issues.

Nonpublic Schools

Director of Special Education Services
Jeff Nichols

Reyn Franca School

Monica Barletta
RFS Therapist
Dan Brewer, MFT
Administrative Secretary
Jackie Barcelos
Colleen Endicott
Juliana Fernandez (Annex)
Scott Hamaguchi
Jorge Pulido
Campus Supervisor
Scott Gregory

Grace Bishop School
Michele Fuller
GBS Therapist
Tracey Potts
Administrative Secretary
Pamela Tamez
Mark Perez
Paul Phillips
Vince Zipser

Linda Stayton
Workability Program
Tammy Walczak

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