The purpose of the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool is to provide employees the ability to change / update their credentials, reset an expired password, recover a lost or forgotten  password or unlock a suspended corporate account.

The Self Services Password Reset tool can be found here

For the SSPR service to work, you will first need to enroll your account.  Enrollment is needed to verify your identity, ensure that the account belongs to you, and allows you to create the recovery options you will need to use in the event you do need to recover your account.

To enroll, please use the “Sign In” section.  Enter your user name (you do not need to put and your current password.  From the Drop Down menu, please be sure that CREATIVE-ALTERN is selected.  Once entered, use the Enrollment tab.

You will be able to set up options for:

  • Security Questions
  • Email Verification
  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Active Directory Security Questions
Please be sure to set up an option in addition to Email Verification.  If you can not get into your email, you will not be able to get the recovery link.

After enrollment is complete, you will then be able to use the tool.

In the future, if you have forgotten your password, or your password has expired, please use the Forgot your password? section.

If you have locked out your account, please use the Account locked down? section.

Upon password reset, you may now use your new password immediately for VPN access, TimeTrex and Geers (if external authentication is enabled).  It may take up to 20 minutes for the new password to be pushed to the email system.  If you have set up your company email on your phone or computer, you will need to update that password on your device.  It is possible that your device may attempt to use the old password and lock out the account.

If you are unable to log in to TimeTrex, Geers or your email, your password has likely expired and needs to be reset.  Please use this tool to reset your password.

Password Requirements:

  • Password Length – 7 (Minimum password length in characters).
  • Password History – 2 (Number of passwords remembered, and ca not be used again).
  • Password Complexity – Yes (Password must contain UPPER and lower case characters, a number and a special character).
  • Password Age Minimum– 1 day (Minimum time between password resets).
  • Password Age Maximum– 90 day (Maximum time between password resets).
  • Failure Attempts – 5 (Number of failed attempts before account is locked).
  • Timer Reset – 15 minutes (Time until account is unlocked).