Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program


Creative Alternatives operates 13 Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) homes in Stanislaus and Merced Counties to serve males and those that identify as male, ages 6 to nonminor dependent. Our STRTP environment is designed to successfully stabilize and effectively transition youth from intensive residential treatment to reunification with their natural family, foster care, or in some cases, emancipation. 

Our STRTP homes are designed to provide a safe, secure therapeutic environment for youth with specialty mental health needs. These youth are provided with close supervision to protect them from endangering themselves and others.

Our high staff-to-client ratio enables the youth to thrive and learn appropriate behavior in dealing with their frustrations. In an accepting, therapeutic manner, we try to rebuild their broken spirits so that one day they will lead responsible, productive and happy lives.

If appropriate, an attempt is made to reconstruct natural family relationships. If that is not possible, we attempt to develop another support system for the client. If we are able to equip the child with family living skills, it may enable them to successfully parent a new generation. Hopefully, the dysfunctional family cycle will be broken. This is a most difficult task, but not impossible.

Program Philosophy

  • Each child is totally unique.
  • We should accept the children as they are. We are motivated by visualizing what they can become.
  • Each child has potential.
  • For positive change to occur, negative behavior must be replaced with positive behavior.
  • Good behavior leads to good internal feelings.
  • A trusting relationship between client and staff is often the catalyst for positive change.
  • Hope is motivational.
  • Children are responsible for their actions.
  • We cannot change the past, but we can help to reformat the past negative experiences and improve our present situation.
  • Children desire structure and direction.
  • Goals are important.
  • The change process takes time.

The STRTP step

Many children have used the Creative Alternatives STRTP homes to transition into a safe enviroment.

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Children Served by Creative Alternatives STRTP this year

Our STRTP Homes

Stanislaus County Homes

Arbor House (Capacity 7, License #507002607)
Berkeley Cottage (Capacity 8, License #500305469)
Berkeley Lodge (Capacity 8, License #500308363)
Duke Court (Capacity 6, License #507001576)
Greenway Orchard (Capacity 8, License #500313263)
Santa Fe Station (Capacity 6, License #500312835)
Seattle House (Capacity 6, License #507001670)
Tuolumne Inn (Capacity 8, Licensee #500311481)

Merced County Homes

Bear Creak (Capacity 6, License #247201359)
Harmony House (Capacity 6, License #247202591)
Merced Ranch (Capacity 8, License #247200747)
Saratoga House (Capacity 4, License #247200865)
Wake Forest (Capacity 6, License #247203412)

Program Director

Brandi Boehme

Assistant Program Director

Dawn Lee

Assistant Program Director

Monica Alexander

Intake Coordinator

Raul Mata