The TimeTrex Mobile App allows authorized employees the ability to clock in and out using their mobile phone. The mobile app works on both Apple iOS and Android.

  • The iOS version can be found here.
  • The Android version can be found here.

An employee must be authorized to use the mobile app.

For Employees

To use the app, you will need to know the server URL as well as your individual Quick Punch ID, and Password.

Once downloaded, you will need to follow the Quick Start Wizard. The server URL is “”

Your Quick Punch ID and Password will be provided to you by Human Resources.

For Device Mode, Kiosk should be set to No.

Press Next. Installation is now complete.

For Supervisors

To enable employees to use the Mobile App, 2 things need to happen.

First, the employee will need a Quick Punch ID and a Quick Punch Password, these can both be found by finding the employee and opening their TimeTrex profile. Log in to TimeTrex and navigate to Employee -> Employees, find the employee you wish to add. The settings are located under the Login tab.  Please no NOT change any other settings.  Their normal password is intentionally blank!  It needs to be numbers only and be at least 4 digits long. The Quick Punch ID must be unique.

Once completed, you will need to authorize the employee to use the mobile app.

To add an employee to this list, navigate to Company -> Stations.  There are a lot of stations, to manage them, TimeTrex creates a new station for each web login that has a unique IP address.  Most of these are automatically disabled by the system.  Because of this, the simplest way to get to the Mobile App is to search for it.  Using the Basic Search, under Status, choose Enabled and under Type, choose Mobile App (iOS/Android) and press the Search button.  There is only 1 option.  Open the station profile and click on Employee Criteria, and then Include Employees.  Add the employees from the Unselected Items and move them to the Selected Items.  When you are finished, be sure to press the Save button towards the top of the screen.