Welcome To Creative Alternatives

Creative Alternatives was founded in 1976 by Ron and Mary Phillips in Hughson, California. The focus of the organization, then and now, was to provide a nurturing environment for troubled children. Under Executive Director, Joy Biddle’s leadership, the organization continues to make a difference in hundreds of California’s foster youth

Creative Alternatives is a California based non-profit agency that has the privilege of fulfilling one of the greatest needs of our state, helping children find a home. As a Foster Family Agency, our mission is to provide a healthy and safe environment to children that have battled with abuse, neglect, and abandonment. With our new STRTP (Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program), children with mental health needs have a place to stay while they are transitioning into the foster care system.

Creative Alternatives believes that education is our future. Because of this, we operate multiple non-public schools for children with special needs. The majority of the students we serve suffer from emotional, social and behavioral problems that are disruptive for a public classroom.

Foster Care Fast Facts

On any given year in America, on average 260,000 kids need to enter foster care.

Of kids
Were reunified

Leaving the system

50000 +
Children in California Foster Care
430000 +
Children in foster care Through America

Here at Creative Alternatives, it is our mission to deliver comprehensive therapeutic services in a nurturing environment for youth and young adults.

We are a group that thrives on the love, care, and support of the community that we serve. Become part of the solution today.

This is your
Future, Family, Life

You can help the youth of our community.

No matter how small  the contribution, volunteering means the world to our children. Get in contact with our amazing staff and find out how you can help your community today!

Words from our Heroes!
"I have met great friends and committed individuals to the kids we serve. Great insurance, opportunities to develop professionally. "
Danusia R. 18yrs
School Counselor
"Great directors, coworkers, flexibility, great support system. "
Ariana, A. 3yrs
ITFC Support Counselor
"Through the years, I've witnessed what a difference we make in children's lives, that's what life is all about. I love my job!"
Mary R. 19yrs
Administrative Assistant