Creative Alternatives was founded to provide a safe and nurturing environment for troubled youth.
With over forty years of experience, Creative Alternatives continues to provide quality care in the Central Valley. 
In addition to our STRTP program, our agency offers non-public schools, resource family homes, Transitional Housing Placement Plus Foster Care program, and Mental Health services.  This wide array of services enables the agency to provide a continuity of care to the clients we serve.

Creative Alternatives operates eight Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) facilities to provide a nurturing and well-supervised environment for males and those that identify as male, ages 6 years to nonminor dependent.  The children and nonminor dependents within the facilities are in need of therapeutic, culturally relevant services that our agency can provide.

Program Philosophy

Each child is totally unique.


Each child has potential.

Hope is motivational.

Mental Health Services

Creative Alternatives Mental Health operates under contract in Merced and Stanislaus County and is funded by:

  • Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery services (BHRS).
  • Merced County BHRS.
  • Colusa County Behavioral Health.
  • Redwood Quality Management Company.
  • Santa Barbara County DSS/CPS.
  • Shasta County Behavioral Health.
  • Tuolumne Behavioral Health Department.

Our STRTP Homes:

Stanislaus County Homes

Berkeley Cottage (Capacity 8, License #500305469)
Berkeley Lodge (Capacity 8, License #500308363)
Greenway Orchard (Capacity 8, License #500313263)
Tuolumne Inn (Capacity 8, Licensee #500311481)

Merced County Homes

Bear Creak (Capacity 6, License #247201359)
Harmony House (Capacity 6, License #247202591)
Merced Ranch (Capacity 8, License #247200747)
Wake Forest (Capacity 6, License #247203412)


Brandi Boehme, STRTP Program Director
Joni Green, Mental Health Director    
STRTP Administrators:
Monica Alexander- Berkeley Lodge/ Tuolumne Inn
Dawn Lee- Berkeley Cottage/ Bear Creek
Aaron Holloway- Merced Ranch/ Wake Forest